Cityzenjane plays 20 (or so) questions

I’m hoping for a really wide diverse response to this – so if you are inclined please pass the request on!

I’ve posted a video over on Youtube.

In this episode of my vlog I ask the following questions:

Do you live in the city, country or suburbs?

How much time do you spend in a car in a week?

What type of place did you spend most of your childhood?

How did that place change in the first 20 years of your life? (When were those first 20 years?)

What is the biggest tree you ever climbed?

How high did you go?

Have you ever caught or killed your own meat?

Have you spent a night or three out doors?

What animals if any did you see where you grew up?

Did you watch nature shows as a kid on TV?

If you could preserve 3 animals or organisms from extinction what would they be?

Do you consider yourself an animal?

Do you feel you are inside or outside of nature?

If you were raised in a city have you ever spent and extended period outside the urban environment?

Have you ever had a peak experience in nature? What was it?

Have you ever considered NOT having children for any reason? Why?

What is the closest you have ever been to a wild creature?

What is the primary protien of the culture you grew up in?

Do you feel a geniune love or biophilia towards all life?

Do you feel connected to or disconnected from nature?

What does the word ‘sustainability’ mean to you?


You are free of course to answer these here….but I am really hoping for video reponses from a diverse group of folks over on YouTube.
So I’m really hoping YOU will respond there! And also hoping that you will pass this along!



[Thanks so much to Judy K over at the Savvy Vegetarian for adding me to the Carnival of the Green! People coming from there might also be interested in my I Like To Watch rss feed covering sustainability and other green goodness!]


I Like To Watch – Friday Feedbag – Gnomes, Butterflys, Garden in The Middle of a Massive Gray Metro…

So the struggle at South Central Farm continues and Darryl Hannah keeps us up on the latest, gnomes show you how to hunt for oyster mushrooms and Julia Butterfly-Hill talks about all the things that we are forgeting to globalize!


  Guerrilla News Network

Provocative interview with Stephen Marshall, founder of the Guerilla News Network, on the role of citizen jouralism and why no one takes the mainstream media very seriously any longer.

Big Picture | Julia Butterfly Hill
Wonderful chat with Julia Butterfly Hill, on how to be most affective in the service of community and sustainability.

Treehugger TV – CalCars: 100+ MPG Plug-in Hybrids

Hard not to love the folks at Treehugger.TV. Here's look that the folks converting Pruis' to Plug-in Hybrids. Send this one to your folks, you know, the one's you already talked into buying the Prius.

BAYCAT : Bayview Hunters Point Center for Arts and Technology

Highlights from the 2005 NetImpact Conference. 15,000 people attended this premiere sustainable business conference! So inspiring!

Update on the campaign to save the South Central Garden!

Folks please get the word out! Especially if you are in Los Angeles.

Net Impact Conference – Social Innovation – Stanford Graduate School of Business

A bounty of speaches from the 2005 Net Impact Conference. Just take a look at the line up. I can't tag them individually so please go to the site and view what you are interested in. Highlights include an Al Gore kickoff and Amroy Lovins on Conservation

self sufficient ish dot TV the Urban Video Guide to Almost self sufficiency

These guys are adorable. What's cuter than a couple of English hippies going mushie hunting – The answer? Two English hippies that look like GNOMES going mushie hunting

Sticky Question – Google Video

HILARIOUS…and not quite work safe for very conservative workplaces.

And the rest is via the feed:

Help Me Prove It!

Hi folks!

I need your help. I’ve got something to prove. That is, the idea that an organization such as mine ( could do quite well by having a grass roots web fund-raising strategy using web 2.0 technologies. My problem is my managers are not on the web really. They don’t get it’s viral nature. Please help me spread a very cool virus. Consider yourself infected.

Presently, I am trying to win my bosses over to a series of web 2.0 based strategies. But none of them are even remotely interested in the web as a culture. They don’t use it! So it is very hard to make this new paradigm concrete.

Clearly web 2.0 (for lack of a better term) and open source allows me to get a great deal more done with my staff of one – but they really need concrete proof. So I set out to prove it in very concrete terms.

For my first proof – I started by participating in the “Make Your Own Chevy Ad” Campaign – to prove that more media exposure is just a well few spent human hours away. I started a blog, created an ad, seeded it and talked it up and four days later I was nearly on Nightline! Well. That got them intrigued.

Now, I would like to get them to listen. I’ve been trying to get them to understand that it is strategically critical to broaden our support base. We rely a great deal on foundations. But, as you probably know – they are fickle.

I am trying also to prove that grass-roots people will support un-biased non-partisan research on sustainability. I am asking you to make a small donation (even fifty cents!) via this page:

and then please pass this on to any friend or colleague who you might think would be interested in helping me make my case!

I would like to show them that I can raise 300.00 in a few weeks with just a little forethought and a few person hours.

Here are the program areas we have worked in for over 31 years providing data and strategy:

Sustainable Transportation
Eliminating Toxics
Waste Prevention at the Source

If you like the idea of grassroots funded green research please consider making a small donation.

Thank you!

Cityzen Jane

Chevy let’s users tell the truth about SUV’s!

 I have been trying to prove a number of things to my bosses at inform lately. This is the first of a number of mini experiments I am doing to make concrete this new phase of the web…for lack of a better term – the web 2.0 era.

In this excercise I set out to prove that the blogosphere is intimately related to the national media. It is not very believable to a person who hears blog and thinks 'trivial, teenage, gossip' etc. ( My apologies to the many very untrivial teen bloggers out there!)

 So I started this blog and looked for something viral to participate in. This is what landed in my lap!

My Chevy Tahoe Ad.

Make your own here!

Gristmill has an open thread aggregating people's ads. So does the Sierra Club blog – Compass.

And of course, DKos.

Cnet catches on!

Love this one!

So a mere couple of days after starting my blog, a friendly soul leaves a comment telling me that Nightline wants someone to come on and talk about the whole uproar that ensued. I exchanged mail with the producer, but in the end they had already settled on this guy.

I figure that was a story worth bringing to my boss!

Now she's listening!

Here's the next proof