Chevy let’s users tell the truth about SUV’s!

 I have been trying to prove a number of things to my bosses at inform lately. This is the first of a number of mini experiments I am doing to make concrete this new phase of the web…for lack of a better term – the web 2.0 era.

In this excercise I set out to prove that the blogosphere is intimately related to the national media. It is not very believable to a person who hears blog and thinks 'trivial, teenage, gossip' etc. ( My apologies to the many very untrivial teen bloggers out there!)

 So I started this blog and looked for something viral to participate in. This is what landed in my lap!

My Chevy Tahoe Ad.

Make your own here!

Gristmill has an open thread aggregating people's ads. So does the Sierra Club blog – Compass.

And of course, DKos.

Cnet catches on!

Love this one!

So a mere couple of days after starting my blog, a friendly soul leaves a comment telling me that Nightline wants someone to come on and talk about the whole uproar that ensued. I exchanged mail with the producer, but in the end they had already settled on this guy.

I figure that was a story worth bringing to my boss!

Now she's listening!

Here's the next proof


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