Kill your TV.

This is a fantastic article on 'neurogenisis,' or the generation of new neurons in the brain. It was long held that unlike other organs the brain does not generate new neurons. Well, it does – that's the good news. The other news not necesasirly bad is that an understimulated brain loses learning capacity. Well — we're talking macaque brains here…

"Eight years after Gould defied the entrenched dogma of her science and proved that the primate brain is always creating new neurons, she has gone on to demonstrate an even more startling fact: The structure of our brain, from the details of our dendrites to the density of our hippocampus, is incredibly influenced by our surroundings. Put a primate under stressful conditions, and its brain begins to starve. It stops creating new cells. The cells it already has retreat inwards. The mind is disfigured."

Brain development is influenced by surroundings. Begging the question is a steady mental diet of Desparate Housewives helping or hurting?