I Like To Watch – Friday Feedbag – Gnomes, Butterflys, Garden in The Middle of a Massive Gray Metro…

So the struggle at South Central Farm continues and Darryl Hannah keeps us up on the latest, gnomes show you how to hunt for oyster mushrooms and Julia Butterfly-Hill talks about all the things that we are forgeting to globalize!


  Guerrilla News Network

Provocative interview with Stephen Marshall, founder of the Guerilla News Network, on the role of citizen jouralism and why no one takes the mainstream media very seriously any longer.

Big Picture | Julia Butterfly Hill
Wonderful chat with Julia Butterfly Hill, on how to be most affective in the service of community and sustainability.

Treehugger TV – CalCars: 100+ MPG Plug-in Hybrids

Hard not to love the folks at Treehugger.TV. Here's look that the calcars.org folks converting Pruis' to Plug-in Hybrids. Send this one to your folks, you know, the one's you already talked into buying the Prius.

BAYCAT : Bayview Hunters Point Center for Arts and Technology

Highlights from the 2005 NetImpact Conference. 15,000 people attended this premiere sustainable business conference! So inspiring!

Update on the campaign to save the South Central Garden!

Folks please get the word out! Especially if you are in Los Angeles.

Net Impact Conference – Social Innovation – Stanford Graduate School of Business

A bounty of speaches from the 2005 Net Impact Conference. Just take a look at the line up. I can't tag them individually so please go to the site and view what you are interested in. Highlights include an Al Gore kickoff and Amroy Lovins on Conservation

self sufficient ish dot TV the Urban Video Guide to Almost self sufficiency

These guys are adorable. What's cuter than a couple of English hippies going mushie hunting – The answer? Two English hippies that look like GNOMES going mushie hunting

Sticky Question – Google Video

HILARIOUS…and not quite work safe for very conservative workplaces.

And the rest is via the feed:



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