Bush Extends the War for the Republicans

It’s on tape. Thousands more DEAD for the benefit of the Republican Party???

If you aren’t outraged, you do not know what is going on.


McCain is Clueless on the Economy – What Does he Offer but STATIC

He needs to get out of Washington and let those people ASSIGNED to the task to work on it. His lycra superhero outfit looks good – but is not helping the situation. It also doesn’t help that his superhero costume has chicken feathers. After Palin massive flops this week it looks like the McCain campaigns terror and avoidance of Friday’s Presidential Debate – may in fact be, just the means to eliminate the Vice Presidents Debate.
Don’t miss the debate on Friday.Obama should put a card board cut out of “Multitasker McCain” at the podium next to his.

McCain – 26 years of opposing financial regulation.

Sunk in 24 hours. Are you a Maverick if you turn on a dime to oppose your own life’s work?

A good place to start is this primer on Republican McCain’s role in the Keating 5 ethics scandal.

Update: By the 20th of September, 2008 – All I could think of was the SNL Dan Ackroyd Julia Child skit where he’s losing blood everywhere and saying “Save the chicken livers!!!!”….It makes no sense, except in my mind really….It’s the flailing and the near faint Ackroyd is in towards the end of the skit. That’s what McCain looked like today.