Help Me Prove It!

Hi folks!

I need your help. I’ve got something to prove. That is, the idea that an organization such as mine ( could do quite well by having a grass roots web fund-raising strategy using web 2.0 technologies. My problem is my managers are not on the web really. They don’t get it’s viral nature. Please help me spread a very cool virus. Consider yourself infected.

Presently, I am trying to win my bosses over to a series of web 2.0 based strategies. But none of them are even remotely interested in the web as a culture. They don’t use it! So it is very hard to make this new paradigm concrete.

Clearly web 2.0 (for lack of a better term) and open source allows me to get a great deal more done with my staff of one – but they really need concrete proof. So I set out to prove it in very concrete terms.

For my first proof – I started by participating in the “Make Your Own Chevy Ad” Campaign – to prove that more media exposure is just a well few spent human hours away. I started a blog, created an ad, seeded it and talked it up and four days later I was nearly on Nightline! Well. That got them intrigued.

Now, I would like to get them to listen. I’ve been trying to get them to understand that it is strategically critical to broaden our support base. We rely a great deal on foundations. But, as you probably know – they are fickle.

I am trying also to prove that grass-roots people will support un-biased non-partisan research on sustainability. I am asking you to make a small donation (even fifty cents!) via this page:

and then please pass this on to any friend or colleague who you might think would be interested in helping me make my case!

I would like to show them that I can raise 300.00 in a few weeks with just a little forethought and a few person hours.

Here are the program areas we have worked in for over 31 years providing data and strategy:

Sustainable Transportation
Eliminating Toxics
Waste Prevention at the Source

If you like the idea of grassroots funded green research please consider making a small donation.

Thank you!

Cityzen Jane


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