True The Vote Tea Party Tripping

So Trump is forwarding a conspiracy claim again. Let’s dig in.

The story is covered below so I am not going get into the details. But, I have some questions.

1. What is the methodology for the “study.”
2. Can we examine the data?
3. Can we look at the apps and the source code?
4. Who built these apps?
5. How are they secured?


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Let’s let them speak for themselves…

McCain is Clueless on the Economy – What Does he Offer but STATIC

He needs to get out of Washington and let those people ASSIGNED to the task to work on it. His lycra superhero outfit looks good – but is not helping the situation. It also doesn’t help that his superhero costume has chicken feathers. After Palin massive flops this week it looks like the McCain campaigns terror and avoidance of Friday’s Presidential Debate – may in fact be, just the means to eliminate the Vice Presidents Debate.
Don’t miss the debate on Friday.Obama should put a card board cut out of “Multitasker McCain” at the podium next to his.