For Ze Frank…

Just try to find it. It DOES NOT EXIST! Yours will be granny smith apple green. I have to learn to knit first though. Or outsource the knitting part.
It will be kinda like this without the white stripes(cough-LAME!):


Support Grassy Narrows First Nation

The Grassy Narrows First Nation has lived self-sustainably on their Northern Ontario land for generations. However, imperialism and enterprise has made their way of life all but impossible. Their land has been leased by the Canadian government to logging giants Weyerhaeuser and Abitibi, who have clearcut the forests and poisoned the water with their paper mills. The Grassy Narrows community has tried nearly every avenue for getting the multinational corporations to leave their land, but all pleas have fallen upon deaf ears. Finally, this spring they decided to take the fight to the international level, rallying organizations from around the world to support their cause. Find out how you can help at

Go here for a FreeSpeechTV video report