McCain – The Having and Eating of Cake.

On executive compensation for destroying companies and jobs.


McCain – 26 years of opposing financial regulation.

Sunk in 24 hours. Are you a Maverick if you turn on a dime to oppose your own life’s work?

A good place to start is this primer on Republican McCain’s role in the Keating 5 ethics scandal.

Update: By the 20th of September, 2008 – All I could think of was the SNL Dan Ackroyd Julia Child skit where he’s losing blood everywhere and saying “Save the chicken livers!!!!”….It makes no sense, except in my mind really….It’s the flailing and the near faint Ackroyd is in towards the end of the skit. That’s what McCain looked like today.

John McCain opposes net neutrality and Obama at the Google

Important – John McCain opposes net-neutrality. That is all I need to know.

From devilstower at DailyKos – a great diary on technology and McCain.

Of pending legislation, McCain is not a sponsor of the “Connect the Nation Act” – though Senator Obama is. McCain is not a sponsor of Senator Rockefeller’s call for a universal next generation broadband by 2015 – though Senator Obama is. And of course, McCain isn’t a sponsor of the “Internet Freedom Act” that would ensure net neutrality – though Senator Obama is.

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