Dear White Women,

I am trying hard not to believe what I am hearing. I need to ask those of you that are – apparently – swinging wildly to the right…to in fact the FAR FAR looney right, WTF are you thinking?

I hope that it is just a weird media blip and you as a group haven’t completely LOST YOUR S….T, but in case that is the situation… please comment and tell me what in the world are you thinking?????

Here’s Katha Pollitt’s take on all the claims of “sexism.”

If there were an Olympics for hypocrisy, the Republican Party would have more gold medals than Michael Phelps. And Palin would be wearing quite a few of them.

Lipstick on a Wingnut

Is this the woman you want to be the first in the White House?

Here are nearly one hundred more videos that should convince you that McCain/Palin is bad for you, your family and for women in general.


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