Rape Victims, McCain and Palin

A little thought experiment…

In what scenario can you imagine that a victim of a crime would be charged for the investigation materials and procedures needed to solve the crime? A robbery? Let’s think this through…you are walking down the street. You get mugged and in the process of that mugging you are shot in the leg.

The mugger gets away and you are lying there bleeding to death, fighting for your life. Would the state ever try to charge a man for the forensics on the bullet? Or for testing the DNA of the hairs that landed on your tweed coat as you were getting the bejesus beat out of you? On what planet can you imagine being charged for the investigation into the incident which left you near death?

On planet McCain/Palin rape victims are charged for the ‘rape kits’ used to gather evidence. Both McCain and Palin support this position. What do you think women of America? Is that the world you want your daughters to live in? How about you Dad? Can you live with this?

I don’t care what party you support. You need to admit that this is unconscionable.


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