Charging activists with terrorism, kid gloves for assassins?

Compare to this story where a friend of Rove intervenes to ratchet down charges press NO CHARGES against the white supremacists who tried to kill Barack Obama at the DNC a few weeks ago.
No charge under domestic terrorism rules?
Cities burned when King was killed! But no Eid thinks they were, ‘aspirational rather than operational.’

one of the suspects told authorities they were “going to shoot Obama from a high vantage point using a … rifle … sighted at 750 yards.”

Law enforcement sources told Maass that one of the suspects “was directly asked if they had come to Denver to kill Obama. He responded in the affirmative.

Organize some hippies, get seven years. Threaten to kill the Democratic nominee for President of the United States, walk. What is wrong with this picture?

Remember this little gem?


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