Leave Bristol Alone – Yes. But Mom’s politics are fair game.

I am not going to attack Bristol. Why would I?

I am not going to attack Trig. Why would I?

Am I going to attack Sarah Palin. Damn straight I am. Why?

Because at this very trying time in Bristol’s life, Sarah wants us to respect her choice and her privacy.

I agree that’s the right thing to do.

So Sarah – Does that mean you will respect the privacy and the choice of OUR daughters in their most dire moments?

No, you will not. Mrs. Palin, you cannot have it both ways. Either this choice is private and a ‘family’ matter, or the state can intervene to impose YOUR values on me.

Which is it?

You believe that even in the case of rape or incest, Christian fundamentalists should make the choice for our daughters. You would force them to bear the pregnancy resulting from rape, resulting from incest.

We are not attacking Bristol. My heart goes out to her. I wish she had had the confidence and control to go get birth control when she needed it. I truly wish you had been vetted, because if you had Bristol would not be in this position. You put her there, you and John McCain.

I wish her a happy and healthy baby, and a quick fade into obscurity.

But you have used both Trig and Bristol to shove your choices down our throats.

Sarah Palin you opened that door with your politics, not with your choices and the commendable choice of Bristol.

And as Hilary was fond of saying, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” And I would ad, don’t put your kids in the kitchen in the first place.

And to Obama. I understand why this is painful for you, too. I understand why you want us all to ‘rise above it.’ But frankly, you are not in danger of having your right to privacy, bodily integrity and choice taken away. If Palin wins that’s exactly what will happen to your daughters, to me and mine.

I honestly hope that what looks like a lovely trusting open beautiful relationship with their parents continues. But as you know tweener fairy tales have a way of turning into real life stories. It’s happened for the Palins in spite of being good homeschooling Christians. I truly hope your girls would never be too worried about embarrassing Dad to come forward and get the care they need, sort out what they want. But that’s what will happen to poor and rich girls all over America. The result will be dead daughters, hopefully not yours. We’ve been there before. We know what happens.

We all agree that we share the common goal of eliminating abortions. However, a lot of fundamentalists are against birth control, and wish to redefine birth control as abortion. Where does Sarah Palin stand on those proposals and where do you? These two things do not go together. Finding common ground is possible, but we have to be honest about what it will take to get there. And honesty about the complexities and gut wrenching choices all parents and teen women face would be a start.

It would serve us all if we got a real about it.

Leave Bristol Alone – Yes. But Mom’s politics are fair game.

And on a particularly nasty note (added 9/2/2008):

By Paul Kane
ST. PAUL — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential nominee who revealed Monday that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant, earlier this year used her line-item veto to slash funding for a state program benefiting teen mothers in need of a place to live.


…..now that’s Compassionate Conservatism….apparently some can believe in.

For the rest of us, it’s the rot at the core of the Conservative cause.


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