Tapper, a waste of pixels.

A comment for Jake Tapper, as his system blocked me thinking this was “SPAM”

On his piece on Obama, wherein he talks about his worries that Obama’s words must be precisely chosen because of what he calls the Butterfly Effect, the Butterfly Effect is something else – but no matter. He doesn’t mind confusing people.

I have another comment there under Cityzenjane regarding a claim of presumptuousness that Tapper makes which is completely unfair and biased. He argues that because Obama said he may if elected be meeting with world leaders for the next 8-10 years, that Obama seeks to repeal the 22nd amendment and run for a third term. Given that ex-Presidents routinely work with foreign leaders on efforts long after their Presidency and often hand in hand with their rivals ( a la Pappy and Bubba), Tapper is making a complete asshat of himself.

He goes on to criticise Obama’s inability to speak like a robot, with programmable precision.

My comment- which wouldn’t post follows:

Also is the man articulate and polished, or a consistent gaffer? He’s been roundly noted as being the most eloquent speaker we have seen in 50 years, to which people like you responded that he was ‘pretentious.’ And now after a year on the campaign trail, you’ve noticed that, like most humans, he pauses to think and says …umm when speaking off the cuff. It seems to me the man is damned every time he opens his mouth. Which is funny because his predecessors grasp of English and his phony Texas accent went unnoticed all these years. When Bush pauses we all wait anxiously to see if the beginning of his utterance has any relation to the end of it. Often it does not.

And when did this become such a concern, as we have had two Bush Presidencies? The first, when famously Pappy’s sentences needed to be diagrammed regularly so people could understand what the hell he was talking about and, the second, when no diagram any living man could make undo the slasher job GW did on the English language.

Seriously. There needs to be a public scoring system for pundits (because this certainly isn’t journalism)..whereby we the citizenry can get a how wrong was he/she scorecard to help us judge whether or not you are worth paying any attention.

Also – you don’t seem to watch the Youtube much…please spend some time watching the Gobbledeegook Express mutilate not only language but reason. The cool thing about that is you can play it over and over until the reality sinks in. I don’t expect you to ‘report’ on it – as that’s not really what you do.


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