How do you know she’s a witch?

So let me get this straight. If have the misfortune to be part of certain religious communities, my human rights go out the door. I have forfeited my rights regarding physical safety and integrity and against kidnapping. Do my parents believe that I am possessed? They can take me to the local exorcist and have him beat the Bealzebub out of me. “Okey doke” says a Texas judge.

So how about taking your adulterous neighbor out for a stoning?

Religious freedom campaigners say the case strikes at the heart of the US Constitution’s First Amendment, which prohibits government interference in the free exercise of religion, and were the US Supreme Court to rule in Mrs Schubert Pearson’s favour, it would signal “the end of church independence and religious freedom” in America.

Trying again to wrap my head around this colossal pile of insanity, so long as I am part of your congregation, church, synagogue or mosque and, your group has settled on an interpretation of any doctrine that says you can: perform a clitorectomy on me, beat the gay out of me, enter into a marriage of God’s will by inseminating my little sister, burn me as a witch, perhaps shoot a bunch of Unitarians – you are practicing your ‘religious freedoms’ and I am shit out of luck with regard to excercising my human rights. I have no human rights you need to respect because having the misfortune of being associated with your little group from birth or by ill thought out personal choice, I have forfeited them?

Some pigs are more free than other pigs.

”Custom will reconcile people to any atrocity.” George Bernard Shaw


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