My family values…and McCain’s…

STEPHANOPOULOS: So, you’re against gay adoption.

MCCAIN: I am for the values and principles that two parent families represent. And I also do point out that many of these decisions are made by the states, as we all know.

And I will do everything I can to encourage adoption, to encourage all of the things that keeps families together, including educational opportunities, including a better economy, job creation.

And I’m running for president, because I want to help families in America. And one of my positions is that I believe that family values and family traditions are preserved.


I have four gay people in my extended family, whom I know of; my beloved uncle Matt, who died of AIDS in the Reagan era about a week after his long term partner, my awesome aunt Candy and her partner Uli, who have a large family of kids who I would love to meet when I can get the scratch together, and my cousin John…I have already used ‘beloved’ and ‘awesome,’ so I will have to come up with something else…to describe  John.

That John McCain would not see any of these family members fit to raise a child condemned to institutional foster care which is a notoriously abusive and dangerous place for children and filled with a lot of child molesters and abusers it turns out, makes me physically ill.

Where do you people get off telling parts of our families that they are not ‘family’? My uncle, my aunt and Uli and my cousin are part of large extended family of loving people, both related by blood and by choice. Both Candy and Matt have a longer relationship track record, with a combined partnerships of over 30 years. You have NO right to lecture us about family values, Mr. Divorced His Ill Wife for a Rich Hottie McCain, Mr. Don’t Wear So Much Make-up You Cunt McCain. Mr. Where is that Lovely Gorilla? McCain.
Rape jokes… There’s a family value for you!

Mr. McCain, it is official. You suck.


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