Who are you?

I know what I am.

I am the result of tens and thousands of years of travellers, eaters, baby and music makers. I know that my ancestors are ‘yellow’, ‘black’, ‘red’ and ‘brown’… I know that ‘white’ and all these other colors, replace this word: family.

You are my family. Not only by sentiment, though I love you – I do.

But, by science. That science, trumps love – is a strange historic anomaly

Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Love and Friend…our time is short

I know that when you walk alone by the sea, in the woods, in the park – you can see me -because I can see you. Someday, if we meet I will tell you stories – of how I saw across time and space – and not by TV.

Let’s do what we know, and that is to love, and to love better.

Life is short.

Let us look back,

Let us love our Mother,

out Father, our breath, the tatse of the soil,

of mushroom, of corn, if rice flour and grub,

let us love,

let us let go,

let us build anew,

a banquet,

let us play music,

let us make new music,

let us make grandchildren,

let us, let go,

let us that have – make do,

let us that don’t, – embibe without restraint,

Let us love our great, great, great, great grandchildren better than ourselves.

Let us love, those of a various nature, the alien, the amoeba, the essential algae. the insistent insect…

better than enough…

It is time. Every story has led us to this.



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