David Byrne on ADD – Autism

“It is also associated with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. Why humans should evolve FAVORING those conditions is still a mystery.”

David is talking about a gene associated with dopamine reception and ADD and he wonders why we would be as a species favoring that gene.

ADD, ADHD is associated with a few things such as novelty and thrill seeking, curiousity driven autodidactism [is that evena word?]…it seems to me that we live and have lived in a century where the pace of change was extreme and getting more so! For someone with ADD boredom is the enemy! Perhaps we thrive while others try to impose fundamentalisms of all sorts in order to control those around them who enjoy change, novelty and freedom – beyond the freedom to conform. Indeed conservatives of all stripes need to control the pace of change itself-but can’t.


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