OurNationalSpace wrote me a theme song…

This is cool. Someone randomly wrote me a song!

She’s got opinions
They don’t hurt any feelings
She’s got a point of view
And she’ll still listen to you
She may not agree fully
But she’ll never ever ever ever bully
When the point is not clear
Cityzen Jane will always be there

In this world of comments and haters
and 14 year olds
It’s nice to hear a sweet voice telling
us not to be told

Cityzen Jane

When the misanthropes
Find a place to spread their grudge
She sees that they are only crying
Helps them with a little nudge
Doesn’t take hate
to turn hate around
Doesn’t take a mean word
to change an ounce to a pound
In these hallowed beds of
the infirm screaming to watch
them as they bleed
Here’s the calming nurse’s voice
saying we see we see we see we see

Cityzen Jane

No time for a bridge
Technology coming over the ridge
Through the combine steel wedges
Her honesty it pledges
With a hope as wide-eyed as Ian
but diligence like a north korean
A waif with a belief in the goodness
in our humanness oh my goodness
maybe this’ll be more than
videos for finding woodness from
young’n too insecure to know
The world’s big enough to grow
kind and true and strong to attain
She believes in you believe in her
bow down to Cityzen Jane

Cityzen Jane
Out to fight in the world
Cityzen Jane
Not with a sword but a word
Cityzen Jane
Sweet tongue to truth
Cityzen Jane
Wiser than her youth
Cityzen Jane



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