Conform – or the state will take your kids away.

Some of you have heard about Reverend Magdalene of the Church of the Subgenius – a perfomrance artist – burner type who is in the middle of a custody battle – basically because a bitter ex is using her status as a freak/artist/burnertype against her in a court of law – and the profoundly unhip legal system really seems to think she’s satanically abusing her child or some such bs.

The message: Conform or we will take your kids away.

It’s a really sick story which you can read up on here:

They are requesting help with legal costs at this point which are in excess of $50,000.

For your donation you get this lovely t-shirt — read the story and you will understand the t-shirt.

It’s a good cause if you have any spare ducats. The story is really f-ed up.

Please pass this on to any friendly freaks you know.



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