“Sunset Commission” Bill Could Leave Public Powerless to Save Important


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Radical Plan to Kill or Realign Federal Programs

"Sunset Commission" Bill Could Leave Public Powerless to Save Important

Whether you care about safe workplaces or farmers' markets, public parks
or domestic abuse shelters, the programs that you care about are at risk
from a bill that would create a backdoor for their elimination. Without
you or your representatives' say, programs and even whole agencies could
be killed or restructured to the point of making their work impossible.

A threat is now building in the House of Representatives: some lawmakers
are pushing legislation that would force all federal programs–from Head
Start to Even Start; from EPA to OSHA; and from urban development to
rural healthcare–to defend themselves before an unelected commission.

This one "sunset commission" would make recommendations to kill,
consolidate, or "realign" all programs (with rare exception), and would
have the power to force its recommendations through Congress, limiting
your representatives' ability to save important programs from the
chopping block.

People who rely on these services and the nonprofit organizations that
provide them could be left completely in the dark, with no way of
knowing whether their programs are on the chopping block and no way to
save them.

The threat is real. In the scramble for votes to pass the budget, a
handful of lawmakers were able to strike a deal with House leaders: in
exchange for their votes, they were promised that a bill for sunset
commissions would be put to a vote in the coming months. We expect this
vote as early as June.

So get ready to get active!

OMB Watch is following these dangerous proposals and working with other
groups to stop this radical plan. To learn more and stay on top of the
latest developments, check out:


We'll track the latest news
, provide
background ,
offer analysis
and talking points, and much more, including this just-released

paper on the sunset commission.

And keep your eye on:


for actions to take in the coming weeks to stop Congress from putting
federal programs on the "sunset commission" chopping block!

Yours truly,

Gary D. Bass
Executive Director
OMB Watch

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Washington, DC 20009
TEL: (202) 234-8494
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