Thomas Friedman – Radical! or Another $%$@#!! Chance for Growth

In his rousing essay called  "The Greenest Generation" Thomas Friedman [NYT] writes,

"C'mon kids, wake up and smell the CO2! Everybody – make your school do it in the dark! Take over your administration building, occupy your university president's office or storm in on the next meeting of your college's board of trustees until they agree to make your school carbon-neutral. (And while you're at it, ban gas-guzzling G.M. Hummers from your campus as well!)"

Friedman ends with, "This is your challenge." To anyone under the age of thirty – or growing up in the 'developing' world this must feel like bit of a kick in the gut, kind of like the bumper sticker on your Dad's -SUV that says "I'm spending my kids inheritance!" Not to add to the generation wars or anything, but we've been left a huge number of "challenges," or what I call in my more pessimistic moments, " just another $%$@#!! chance for growth."

Ever since Matt Taibbi demolished his prose I've had a hard time reading Friedman. Pssst. Thom – You can't smell CO2.

That said, I am happy to see that green is the new black – let's just hope it's not a passing fashion.

mood: admittedly, a tiny bit bitter


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