We’re #1

A lot of times that’s not such a good thing.


E.P.A. WARNS OF CITY’S AIR QUALITY People who live near congested highways and in large cities like New York face an increased risk of getting cancer from air pollution, according to a national study by the Environmental Protection Agency. The study was based on 1999 data, the most recent year available, and covers 177 toxins. But the study was criticized for excluding dioxins and the parts of diesel exhaust that are believed to cause cancer.


Daily News:

An airing for N.Y. pollution

You might want to breath carefully: The polluted air in New York State is the deadliest in the nation, federal officials said yesterday.

Data show dirty air puts New Yorkers – especially people in New York City – at the greatest risk of getting cancer, the Environmental Protection Agency warned.



March 23, 2006 — Here’s something to fume about: All of our cars, buses, trucks and construction equipment are helping to put New York atop the list of cities with the worst air pollution, new federal data show.

New Yorkers are roughly 60 percent more likely to get cancer from air pollutants than people nationwide – and Big Apple folks might want to reach for oxygen masks.

Manhattanites are especially at risk: They’re three times likelier than the national average to get cancer by breathing the air.


WASHINGTON (AP) – When it comes to dirty, cancer-causing air, New York City is the worst of the worst: the city with the greatest risk, in the state with the dirtiest air, according to data from the Environmental Protection Agency.

New York is followed by California, Oregon, Washington, D.C., and New Jersey for the dubious distinction of having the worst air, according to the EPA’s data. The best air was in Wyoming, South Dakota, and Montana.

An organization in the area working on these issuse: Inform, Inc.


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