Dermot Grogan – Peerless.

A few months ago my friend, Dermot Grogan passed away in Co. Mayo, Ireland after too many rounds in the ring with cancer. After he got sick I stopped playing music for about a year. Everytime I went out I was reminded of who I was losing. I shut down, really. Musically and emotionally.

He was the most generous soul. The irish trad scene in NYC can be cliquely, and though everyone has been good to me he was a big warm “Welcome.” He promised me may times to teach me to sing old style, sea nos. I never took him up on it. Regret is a word I never use, and now I have a big one – that I never took you up on it Dermot.

Well, It’s St. Patty’s Day Dermot – amatuer night as you used to say. I’ll be raising more than one to you tonight.

You’re much loved and much missed.


One thought on “Dermot Grogan – Peerless.

  1. hey banjoman!

    Thank you so much for posting. I miss Dermot a lot. He really was one of the very best things about NYC for me.It feels a little empty without him around to play with. If you’re ever in town look me up!

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