A tribute to another great player

A flash tribute to a great player by FLYboy
A bit more about him

What other’s have said:

“…intense and often very moving.”
Scotland on Sunday

“An absorbing reconciliation of the raw and the cooked.”
The Independent

“If Grit tempts just one techno fan to explore the treasures of traditional music, Bennett will have performed a welcome service.”

“I really can’t recommend this album enough, not only for its genre-defying vision, but also for the strength and courage of its maker. You are unlikely to hear a more powerful and passionate disc this year – in any genre.”
Rough Guides

“This is the kick in the pants Celtic music has needed for the new millenium.”
21st Century

“What can I say, Martyn Bennett keeps getting better and better.”

“Highlight of Saturday night, nay, highlight of the weekend – nay, quite the most thrilling thing I’ve seen at Cambridge for years.”

“Pitting big beats, techno and drum n bass against traditional Celtic influences, Martyn Bennett’s latest masterwork is a forceful collision of urban and rural culture.”
The Independent

“Bennett and his collaborators succeed, infusing their creation with an intoxicating magic and frantic abandon.”
Time Out


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